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Undergraduate Enrollment

SMSU serves undergraduate degree-seeking students on its Marshall, MN campus as well as online and at site locations throughout the state. 

Historic Data:  Fall Semesters 2010 to 2021

Degree-Seeking Enrollment
Degree-Seeking Enrollment
by Class Level                                         Enrolled Majors
by Race/Ethnicity Enrolled Majors by Class Level
by Full/Part-Time Status Demographic Profile
by Gender by State
New Student Profile - All Degree Seeking UG
New First Year (NFY) Students
New First Year (NFY) Students
Profile NFY by State table            
by ACT/HS Rank NFY by State Map
by Race/Ethnicity NFY by Region
Tuition & Financial Aid Data
Tuition & Financial Aid Data
Tuition History  Financial Aid Receiving
   Financial Aid Detail

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