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Self-Study Team Criterion 4: Teaching and Learning II

Criterion Team Description

The criterion-oriented teams will identify the issues and needs related to each of the primary criteria for re-accreditation and create drafts of the appropriate self-study chapters. They will gather information and evidence (working in cooperation with the evidence team) for their specific criterion. Based on the evidence collected, they will evaluate the strengths and areas of concern for their team’s criterion and will draft improvement plans as needed. They may break into smaller work groups as needed in order to accomplish their objectives.

Criterion Team 4 Membership

Steering Committee leaders = Betsy Desy (Science), Jan Loft (ALS Dean)

Sonya Vierstraete (faculty, Education)
Frankie Albitz (faculty, Physical Education)
Carol Bossuyt (staff, Education)
Linda Nelson (service faculty, Academic and Diversity Resources)
Sara Fier (faculty, Psychology)

Criterion Team 4 Minutes (as available)

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