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SMSU Development Day

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Registration deadline is May 13th!

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8:30AM - Coffee, Donuts, Breakfast Breads

BA/CH Link, 2nd floor

8:50AM - Welcome

Jennifer Hiller, College Now Expansion Coordinator
CH 201


Keynote Speaker, Dwight C. Watson, Provost and Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs
CH 201

9:50-10:50AM - Concurrent Session I

  • Microsoft Teams
    Microsoft Teams is a hub for teamwork in Office 365. Learn how you can use this powerful tool to communicate, share and collaborate with your team members when working on a project.
    Presenter: Ben Nwachukwu ’08 ‘10, Information Technology Specialist, SMSU
  • Mustang Market and Food Insecurity
    SMSU’s Center for Civic & Community Engagement and Healthy56258’s Nutrition Network’s proposal for food and resource pantry was awarded dollars as a part of the request for funds for Innovations for Student Success. A permanent pantry will open August 2019 in the Center for Civic and Community Engagement. Attend this session to learn more about the new Mustang Market, food insecurity nationwide and SMSU, and on-going programming in the Center for Civic & Community Engagement.
    Presenter: Melissa Scholten ‘07, Director of Career Services/Coordinator-Center for Civic and Community Engagement, SMSU
  • Identify Theft
    Identity Theft is a growing concern within the banking industry and its customers. I will be discussing what you need to know about identity theft, how to prevent it and steps that you would need to take for resolution if your identity is stolen. I will also be discussing financial fraud and scams to help you and your loved ones stay one step ahead of schemers.
    Presenter: Cory Brockman, U.S. Bank
  • SMSU Advancement – Connect the Dots
    Learn the 5 W’s of SMSU Advancement through the life cycle of a student and the numerous connections that occur.
    Discover your role in connecting the dots!
    • Who
    • What
    • Why
    • When
    • Where
    Presenters: Jessica Anderson ‘07, Director of Stewardship and Advancement Services and Stacy Frost ‘93, Director of Development, SMSU

11:00-12:00PM - Concurrent Session II

Same sessions as Concurrent Session I.

12:10PM - Lunch

Conference Center Upper Ballroom

12:30PM - TED Talks

TED Talks are influential videos from expert speakers on education, business, science, tech and creativity.  They are shared with subtitles and in over 100+ languages.  There are over 3,000 talks to stir your curiosity.  We are sharing three with you today, which we hope you will enjoy.


Please turn in your evaluations at the end of the day to help us plan for future events! The evaluation form is also online at:

Employee Development Philosophy Statement
We are committed to developing the talents of Minnesota State Colleges and Universities’ employees. We value our employees and understand that continuous learning benefits the entire system by developing and maintaining employee skills that link directly to achieving organizational goals and objectives. Supporting successful leaders at all levels also builds institutional capacity to better serve our students and our communities. This commitment is realized as a shared responsibility between each employee and each college, university, or the Office of the Chancellor.

For more information, contact SMSU Human Resources, BA 269, ext. 6208.

Download the agenda here: SMSU Development Day Agenda

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