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Committee Chair

  • Scott R. Olson, President, Winona State University

University Committee Members

  • Aimee Shouse, Dean, College of Arts, Letters and Sciences
  • Bill Mulso, Vice President for Advancement and Foundation Executive Director
  • Diana Holmes, Office & Administrative Specialist Senior, Fine Arts & Communications
  • Marcia Beukelman, Accounting Officer Intermediate, Business Services
  • Carol Bossuyt, Accounting Supervisor Intermediate, Business Services
  • Tim Alcorn, Director of University Conferencing and Events, Scheduling and Events Services
  • Jeff Kolnick, Professor of History
  • Sonya Vierstraete, Professor of Education
  • David Shittu, Math & Computer Science major, Treasurer Students United

Community Committee Members

  • Julie Simonson, Vice President Technology Development, Schwan’s Company
  • David Werpy, Retired 3M Vice President and General Auditor, 3M Corporate Auditing
  • Cliff Carmody, Executive Director, Southwest West Central Service Cooperative

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