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2017 - 2018 Strategic Planning Annual Actions

August 7, 2018:

July 28, 2017:

Committee Membership Charge Contact
Strategic Planning Committee (UNIVERSITY)

Administration: 9
SmSUFA: 9 (SmSUFA President; Long-range Chair; Curriculum Chair; CIA Chair; Academic Affairs; Physical Plant Chair; 3 at-large)
Council 5: 1
Coalition (MMA/MAPE/CONF/MGRL): 1
Students: 2
Other (Area Legislator, Community/ Region/ Alumni/ Foundation representative, Director of Institutional Research): 3
Ex-officio Member (President) By Function: Dir of Inst Research & Reporting

This committee facilitates the University’s strategic plan by reviewing, monitoring, and communicating progress toward the University’s goals. This may include updating the plan, soliciting input on the plan from the university community, and participation in University Strategic Planning events.
2 year term
President's Office
Admin SmSUFA – at large
Admin SmSUFA – at large
Admin MSUAASF Melissa Scholten
Admin MSUAASF Lori Wynia
Admin Council 5 Diana Holmes
Admin Student
Admin Student
Admin Other – Student
SmSUFA President Other – Student
SmSUFA Long-range Chair Other
SmSUFA Curriculum Chair Ex-Officio - President
SmSUFA CIA Chair By Function: Dir of Inst Research & Reporting
SmSUFA Academic Affairs
SmSUFA Physical Plant Chair
SmSUFA – at large

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