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SouthwestNet Tools

SouthwestNet houses many tools that provide functionality for many areas of campus. In fact, tools are used to operate and maintain the slideshow on the homepage of SMSU. There is also a tool to help Admission schedule on campus visits and for the President to send out a monthly newsletter.

The majority of tools are used for specific departments or areas on campus, however some of them are accessible to everyone on campus, faculty, or staff. There are currently two such tools which are Class Cancellation and Advisee Email Tool. Click on them to jump straight to the content.

Advisee Email Tool

The Advisee Email tool allows professors to easily email a message to their advisees.

Locate the Advisee Email tool by logging into SouthwestNet, clicking on Tools > Advisee Email List

Updates will be made to the tool to allow better selection of students such as First Year students, graduating students, etc. If you have any requests, please contact us.

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