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Update Directory Your Photo

Changing Your Profile Picture on SouthwestNet

    1. Click on "Menu".

      Screenshot of the Menu Button

    2. Click on Southwest Net.

      Screenshot of the Resources Menu

    3. Log in with your StarID and password. You may need to login twice.

      Screenshot of the Log In site

    4. Click on the "Directory Profile" tab.

      Screenshot of the Directory Profile tab
      the first tab you see to the left of “Directory Profile” may say “Dashboard” instead of “Student Portal.” That is okay and you may still proceed to the Directory Profile.

    5. Click on "Edit Photo".

      Screenchot of the Edit Photo Button

    6. Click on "Upload a New Picture".

      Screenshot of the Upload a New Picture button

    7. Click on "browse".

      Screenshot of the Upload a New Picture View

    8. Find the photo on your computer, select it and click open.

      Screenshot of the File Explorer

    9. Click on "Upload File".

      Screenshot of the Upload File button

    10. Crop the image if needed. Then click on "Crop and Save".

      Screenshot of the crop and save screen

    11. If you see this banner, your image uploaded successfully. If not, please contact the web office.

      Screenshot of the Successfully Uploaded Banner

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