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WYSIWYG Text Editor

WYSIWYG Text Editor

One final thing left to be said is the What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) text editor. For a full documentation for using the WYSIWYG editor, click  here to read the Hannon Hill WYSIWYG documentation. Note that not all functions are available to everyone. So, hover your mouse over the icons on your text editor to view the tooltip and match the tooltip you will see when hovering your mouse over the picture on the user guide.

Note: There are certain functions that are not available to every staff member. This is due to making the the editor user friendly and simple.

Spell Checking

Spell Checking is a very useful tool in the WYSIWYG editor. Unfortunately, it is not activated by default. Below are the two easy steps that show you how to turn on the Spell Check tool.

In the WYSIWYG toolbar, click "Tools".


In the Dropdown menu that displays, click on "SpellCheck".


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