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Agricultural Education

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The Southwest Minnesota State University School ofAgriculture is proud to have established AgriculturalEducation (Ag Ed) as our newest major on campus. Thisprogram addresses the critical need for qualified Ag Edteachers. The SMSU Ag Ed program is multidisciplinary. It isfounded on a strong liberal education program thatemphasizes critical thinking, effective communication and awell-rounded knowledge base. Through active learning, theAg Ed program directly prepares students to becomeAgricultural Education teachers and FFA Advisors. The coreof the Ag Ed major is a balanced and well-designed programof study that includes core courses in science, agriculture,educational methodology and leadership development.


Prospective Agricultural Education students should completethe standard college preparation curriculum. Because thestate requirements are rigorous, it is critical for any studentpursuing an Ag Ed degree communicate from the beginning to ensureefficiency.


The Ag industry surrounds the campus for many miles and is the heart of the regional economy offering students an ideal setting to pursue a career in agriculture. Vibrant relationships with industry provide critical support for SMSU Ag programs in many ways including scholarships and sharing expertise through volunteerism. Across campus SMSU students, faculty, staff and administration create a warm atmosphere “Where You Belong!”

SCHOLARSHIPS offers an array of academicscholarships thanks to the generosity of SMSU Alumni,SMSU Farm Seminar donors, our regional Ag partners andSMSU faculty. Prospective Ag students benefit from ag-related scholarships as they enter into their course of studyat SMSU. Additionally, there are many scholarships forreturning students as well. For more information regardingscholarships available to prospective Ag students



SMSU Ag Ed students engage in hands-on learning insecondary classrooms during their first year of study andcontinue each year throughout the program. SMSUcollaborates with secondary schools to ensure a qualityexperience for our students and theirs. Additionally, SMSUoffers opportunities with established community partnersallowing students to expand their teaching and learningexperiences. Graduates of SMSU’s Ag Ed program will havea wealth of experience that prepares them to enter their ownclassroom confidently.

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The Academic Commons is a study center located in IL 224. Students are invited to study, meet friends, and seek assistance with coursework.

Our Mission is to create enhanced opportunities for learning by bringing an array of student academic support services together in a central, visible, and academically-identified location to facilitate seamless access to services for SMSU students and education resources for the wider community./p>

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Agricultural Education - Office

Office of Agricultural Education
CH 129
Southwest Minnesota State University
1501 State Street * Marshall, MN 56258



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