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Campus Related Applications

Applications in this category are mainly for new students to Southwest Minnesota State University. These applications are used to store your personal information such as your authorization of SMSU releasing your personal information, your emergency contact, and your student media information. Most of these application will be used only once, when you arrive at SMSU as new students.

Student Information Release

This application is used to request from students to authorize Southwest Minnesota State University to release educational records directly related to students. You may choose which information you wish to authorize such as all university charges that appears on record for the academic year, all payment information, grades, transcripts, or other specified information.

1. To use this application, first select the Student Information Release application under Campus Related.

2. Select the information in which you authorize SMSU to release.

3. Fill in the name(s) and relationship(s) of parties you authorize to release your student information to.

4. Read through the terms in which you agree to before continuing.

5. Select the effective dates in which this authorization of access to student information.

6. Once you are done, check the box next to I Accept to accept the terms of this authorization and select Submit.



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