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Graduation Applications

As the name suggests, only students who are graduating should be concerned of these applications. Currently, there are only three applications that are related to the graduation which are commencement RSVP, Degree & Diploma, and Campus Clearance. The function of each application will be explained here.


Commencement RSVP

This application is used to notify the university with your attendance to the commencement ceremony. To respond, it is mostly straightforward but to avoid confusion, a short how-do (with pictures) is provided.

1. Select the Commencement RSVP icon as seen below.

2. Fill out the short questionnaire to determine your commencement plans.

Note that this questionnaire does not ask for any personal information. This questionnaire is used just to make plans if you so choose to attend your commencement ceremony.


Degree & Diploma

This application is used to preview your diploma. Kindly check the information provided in the sample and contact commencement.

To view your diploma, select the Degree & Diploma and view a picture of your diploma.


Campus Clearance

The function of this application is for graduating students to fill in a few surveys.

To start filling in your information, first select Campus Clearance.

You will be asked to complete a few surveys and update your permanent address. To start on a survey, select Begin on next to the name of the survey.

Once you are done, select Submit.

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