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Meet Charlotte Wahle

Charlotte Wahle Photo

Admission Counselor

Cell: (507)-829-0314

Recruitment Territory: Southwest Minnesota and Nebraska
Other duties in the office: TBD
Favorite Movie or TV show: Anastasia
Favorite musician or type of music: Pop, Country and Broadway show tunes - the kind of music that's great to sing in your care or the shower.
Favorite food: Ice cream
What you LOVE about working in the office: I love getting to help students navigate the college admission process. when I was a senior in high school, I was utterly confused by the whole process and I probably made it way more stressful and confusing for myself than it needed to be.  I hope that by working in the SMSU Admission Office I'm making future students' experiences a little better than mine.
Your SMSU history (how long you’ve worked here or gone to SMSU): I started working at SMSU in August 2018.  I'm brand new, but excited to be a part of the Mustang Family!
Hobby or pastime: Playing and coaching lacrosse. I'm also a beginner distance runner and have now run six half-marathons.
One thing you love about SMSU: I love the Liberal Education! I think getting a well-rounded education is really valuable, no matter what you end up studying. I also love SMSU's annual Mud Volleyball tournament during Gold Rush Days. It's a ton of fun and hilarious to watch!
Any other interesting facts about yourself: I've lived in 5 states and every time zone in the US except Mountain Time. I'd like to visit all 50 states before I'm 50!

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