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Meet Josh Behning

Josh Behning Photo

Admission Counselor

Office Phone Number: 507-537-6023

Recruitment Territory: Twin Cities Metro area  
Favorite Movie or TV show: A-Team
What is currently playing in your car: Country
Favorite food: Medium rare steak or my Dad's ribs
Favorite memory as a student at SMSU: Shooting clay pigeons out a shooters for Gold Rush Days
Your SMSU history (how long you’ve worked here or gone to SMSU): I graduated from SMSU in the spring of 2019 with a Bachelor's Degree in marketing. Also was a four year thrower on the Track and Field team. I was also the president of the University Sportsman's Association Club for two years.
Hobby or pastime: Very avid waterfowl and uplands bird hunter. Enjoy fishing and camping and almost anything outdoors 
One thing you love about SMSU: The employees of the University. When i was a student here i was impressed with how many of the faculty remembered who I was even if I only took one class with them my freshmen year. Now that I am an employee here myself, how welcoming everyone has been to me has made this transition easier. 
Any other interesting facts about yourself: I took a gap year up in British Columbia Canada before I started College. 

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