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Meet Kaitlyn Giles

Kaitlyn Giles

Admission Counselor

Cell: (507)-829-3885

Recruitment Territory: South-Central and Southeast Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota

Other duties in the office: Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter)

Favorite Movie or TV show: I really like the Marvel and DC Movies! My favorite TV shows are FRIENDS, The Office, and Parks & Rec

Favorite musician or type of music: Country Music is my favorite, but I also enjoy pop

Favorite food: I love to grill out in the summer, so anything you can put on the grill: kabobs, steak, corn on the cob, you name it!

Favorite memory from being an SMSU Ambassador: I didn’t go to SMSU, but I was a Student Ambassador at my alma mater. I really enjoyed meeting students and their families and getting to know them while they visited campus!

Your SMSU history (how long you’ve worked here or gone to SMSU): I started working at SMSU in March of 2019 and worked in Admission at North Hennepin Community College for just over 2 years before starting here. Although I didn’t attend SMSU, I have a ton of family in the area so it’s great to be home! I am currently taking MBA courses online through SMSU as well.

Any habits or unique things you do: I’m trying to be more adventurous about the foods I eat, so I’m trying to order something new each time I go to restaurants that I’ve been to before

Hobby or pastime: My favorite hobbies are reading, hunting, fishing, camping, and baking

One thing you love about SMSU: I love the atmosphere here! SMSU has the Goldilocks factor: it’s private-school sized but at public school price and it’s in a big small town. It’s a unique campus that you have to see and experience to truly understand and appreciate

Any other interesting facts about yourself: I was born in California and have been to 19 different states and 5 countries!

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