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Meet The SMSU Admission Counselors!


Here, you can get to know your SMSU counselors by clicking on the pictures below. Read about each of them and get in contact with them by e-mail or cell phone.

Contact your SMSU Admission Counselor to ask about your application status, to schedule a campus visit, inquire about scholarships or to get more information about academic programs at SMSU!


Taylor McKittrick

Admission Counselor
Twin Cities-Metro

Ian Wyffels

Ian Wyffels

Asst Director of Marketing and Communication

Agriculture, Culinology and Hospitality Management


Derek Kinkner charlottewahle.jpg

Derek Klinkner

Admission Counselor
Other USA-GED-Home School

Charlotte Wahle

Admission Counselor
Southwest Minnesota, Nebraska




Josh Behning


Admission Counselor
 South Dakota-North Dakota-SE Minnesota 




Jon Parker


Admission Counselor



Matt Suby

Director of Admission




Stacie Mulso

Communications and Marketing



Gus Condezo 


Gus Condezo


Admission Counselor
 North Central Minnesota, Iowa 





Rich Shearer

Interim Executive Director of Enrollment Management and Student Success




Hannah Kuno Emilie DeWitte
Campus Visit Coordinator

Office and Administrative





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