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Virtual Registration Information

Welcome to SMSU and your Virtual Registration!

In the tabs below, you will find information regarding:

  • Tuition Deadlines
  • Financial Aid and Loan Information
  • Residential Life
  • Advising
  • Library and Technology Services
  • Student Success
  • Health Services
  • Career Services,
  • Student ID Information
  • and more.

We hope you find this information useful. If you still have questions, please contact the Office of Admission at or call 507-537-6286.

Tuition, Fees, Room & Meal Plan Minimum Payment Due dates for 2021-22

Fall 2021 Classes begin Monday, August 23, 2021
Minimum payments must be made by Friday, August 27, 2021*

Spring 2022 Classes begin Monday, January 10, 2021
Minimum payments must be made by Friday, January 14, 2022*


*Minimum payment criteria must be met by the 5th class day of each semester to avoid cancellation of your course registrations.

Minimum payment criteria include any one or combination of the following:

  • Valid financial aid application (FAFSA) in process/processed with SMSU.
  • Down payment of 15% of tuition and fees or $300, whichever is less.
  • Payment in the form of scholarships, third party payments, or tuition waivers that meet the 15% or $300 minimum payment for tuition & fees (must be received by SMSU by the due date).
  • Full payment by cash, check, or debit/credit card – paid online by logging into E-Services and clicking on the Bills and Payments tab, or paid at the Cashier’s window in Business Services or by mail by the due date by mailing a check to SMSU Business Services, 1501 State Street, Marshall, MN 56258.
  • Signed up for the Nelnet Payment Plan through E-Services

    More information can be found for each of the above payment criteria on our web site at

Payment Options:

1. Final Payment in Full Due Dates (no payment plan fees or late fees apply):
2021 Fall Semester: September 27, 2021
2022 Spring Semester: February 14, 2020

  • If accounts are not paid in full by the final due dates above, students are automatically placed on an internal payment plan and charged a $30 payment plan fee.
  • If accounts are not paid in full one month later, they will receive a $50 late fee.
2. Nelnet Payment Plan:
Gives the option to pay a $300 down-payment, then payments will come out of your bank account or debit/credit card in equal installments for 2 or 3 months. A $24 payment plan fee is charged when students complete the agreement. To register, log into E-Services, go to the Bills and Payment tab, Make a Payment, then Enroll in a Nelnet/FACTS Payment Plan.

Additional Information Regarding Tuition and Payments

Students who no longer wish to be enrolled must drop their courses by logging into E-Services, Courses and Registration, then dropping them before the Drop/Add deadline which is the 5th day of courses, the Friday after courses begin on Monday. If withdrawing after that date, the student should contact the SMSU Registration Office at 507-537-6206. They will be financially responsible for their courses and if withdrawing, will need to also pay back any financial aid they received.

International students must pay their international health insurance in full by the 5th business day of the semester along with meeting the minimum payment criteria above. New international students must make a minimum payment of $2,500.

Billing Statements are not mailed. Please monitor your student account online through E-Services. Within the “Courses & Registration” and “Bills and Payments” sections there are messages to indicate whether the minimum payment criteria (to avoid cancellation of your courses) have been met. A green “Go” means you have successfully met one or more of the minimum payment criteria. A red “Stop” means you have not met the criteria and will direct you to our web site for more information.
Financial aid will not appear as payments on your account until after Financial Aid applies to accounts – around the 7th day of classes. Your financial aid award can also be accessed through E-Services.

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) allows us to only release student information to the student. If the student wishes for SMSU to release information to anyone else (including a parent) the student must submit an “Authorization to Release Student Information” online. The release is available on the SMSU web site. then click on Menu in upper left corner of screen, then “SouthwestNet” and log in with your StarID and password. Go to the Student Information Release box about half way down on the page. Complete and submit online each year. The release will expire after one year.

DIRECT DEPOSIT: Students are encouraged and should complete the Direct Deposit form online through E-Services by going to the Financial Aid tab, then Direct Deposit Setup. This way, Student Payroll, Financial Aid and Accounts Receivable Refunds will be quickly wired to their bank account instead of a check being issued.

Business Services Contacts

Office: IL 139


SMSU reserves the right to modify this information as needed. Check our website for important dates:

Information from the Student Financial Aid Office

The Student Financial Aid Office is located in the IL (Individualized Learning) Building, Room 145. Our telephone number is 507-537-6281, our fax number is 507-537-6275 and our email address is Office hours are 9am–3:30pm Monday–Friday.
You can also visit our website at 

How to check the status of the financial aid application and awards
Anytime after the SMSU Financial Aid Office has received the FAFSA, students can check the status of their financial aid application through the SMSU website. To access your application information:

  1. Click on MENU in the top left corner
  2. Select E-Services
  3. Enter your Star ID and Password
  4. Click on Login
  5. Financial Aid: to see status of aid application and/or award letter (make sure the semester is accurate on top)

Estimating your SMSU charges for ONE semester during 2021-22
(Official 2021-22 Rates to be approved by July 2021)

SMSU bands tuition and fees for Full Time – 12-18 credits = $4,718
Average Room/Meal Charges (based on dbl room, 10 meals, plus dining dollars) = $4,570
Books and Supplies average per semester = $600
Total Estimate of Direct Costs = $9,888

Note: All students may charge up to $500 for books and have it added to their bill. The Barnes and Noble Campus Store will have a list of eligible students. When figuring the amount of Financial Aid do not include Work Study. These awards are earned bi-weekly and will not be available to help pay your bill.

Students will not be mailed invoices. The Business Services office will send an email out with instructions on how to obtain billing information on-line. The process is the same as Steps 1-4 above with Step 5 being “Bills and Payment."

FERPA – Family Education Rights and Privacy Act
FERPA Rules and Regulations prohibit the Financial Aid Office from providing detailed information regarding students’ financial aid to anyone other than the student. A Student Information Release must be completed annually in SouthwestNet. 

Federal Direct Stafford (Subsidized and Unsubsidized) Loan Processing Steps

***Steps 1 and 2 can be completed prior to receiving an offer notice from SMSU ***

Step 1 – Loan Counseling – Attention First Time Federal Direct Loan Borrowers
First time loan borrowers must complete the online Federal Direct Loan Entrance Counseling Session at You will need to sign in using your FSA ID then select Complete Entrance Counseling for the Direct Loan Program under the "Complete Aid Process" tab. The SMSU Financial Aid Office will receive notification confirming that you have completed this session.

Step 2 – Master Promissory Note
You will need to go to and fill out your Federal Direct Loan Master Promissory Note. You will need to sign in using your FSA ID and then select "Complete Master Promissory Note (MPN)" under the "Complete Aid Process" tab. 

Note – The SMSU Financial Aid office will not be able to process your Federal Direct Loan(s) until you have completed both the Loan Counseling and Master Promissory Note.

Step 3 – Accept loans
You must accept the loans online through the “loans” link provided in E-Services. The loan amount the student is eligible for is on the offerletter. Indicate the amount you wish to borrow (the full amount as indicated on the award letter or a lower amount). All Federal Direct Loans borrowed at SMSU will be processed through the Federal Direct Loan Program.

Note: For loan funds to be used for the SMSU Book Charging Process and to ensure they are received by SMSU prior to bills being due, Steps 1-3 must be completed by August 13th.

Step 4 - FAO Processing
The Financial Aid Office will process your Federal Direct Loan(s) and electronically transmit the application information to the Department of Education.

Step 5 – Notification of Disbursement Dates
After Steps 1-4 have been completed, the Department of Education will send a Disclosure Statement. The Disclosure Statement will include estimated disbursement date(s). The “estimated disbursement date” is not the date you will receive your loan funds. It is the date that the loan funds are sent to SMSU. Make sure to keep the Disclosure Statement with your copy of the Promissory Note.

Note: The Department of Education will deduct an Origination Fee on the principal amount borrowed when processing your loan. This amount will be reflected on the Disclosure Statement.

Private Educational Loan Information
Private Educational Loans are used by students/parents to make up the difference between the financial aid offer/or funds available and the educational costs for the year. The Private Educational Loan section of our SMSU website provides details specific to the lending agencies identified. These lending agencies are the ones SMSU has chosen to place on our Private Education Loan List but are not the only lenders offering private student loans. It is the student’s choice of which lender to choose. When applying for a Private Educational Loan, we encourage students/parents to request loan funds for the entire year. Loan funds will be sent in two disbursements – one for fall and one for spring. The Private Educational Loan information is available on-line at:

Welcome to your home away from home in Residence Life at SMSU!

Greetings from the Residence Life Staff at SMSU! We are excited that you will be living in our Residence Halls. We understand that deciding what to bring with you to college can be a difficult decision. Pack too much of your stuff and you lose valuable space in your room; pack too little and you might forget some important items. The SMSU Residence Life staff has provided a Move-In Checklist with a few suggestions to help you. While it is not a complete list, these are a few items that students have found helpful.

Move-In Checklist

(Download a printable PDF checklist here.)

Desk Supplies

__Desk Organizer
__Glue Stick
__3M Command Strips
__Push Pins
__Sticky Notes
__Pencil Sharpener
__Index Cards
__Pencils, Pens
__Three-ring Binders
__Three-Hole Punch
__Rubber Bands
__Paper Clips
__Jump Drive
__White Out


__Shower Caddy __Shower Shoes
__Extra Towels

Laundry & Cleaning*

__Laundry Soap
__Stain Remover Pen
__Fabric Softener
__Laundry Bag/Basket
__Trash Bags
__Paper Towels
__Sewing Kit
__Safety Pins
__Lint Roller
__Disinfecting Wipes
__Glass Cleaner
__Dish Soap
__Sponge/Dish Cloth

Cooking Supplies**

__Cups, Mugs
__Pot/Fry Pan
__Eating Utensils
__Cookie Sheet
__Wooden Spoon
__Mini Fridge
__Can Opener
__Chip Clips
__Oven Mitts
__Dish Towels
__Coffee Maker

Miscellaneous Supplies

__Cell Phone/Chargers
__Athletic Equipment
__Water Bottle
__Cards/Board Games
__Food/snack items
__Lock Box/Safe
__Small First Aid Kit
__Small Tool Set
__Gaming System
__Power Strip w/6’ cord
__Storage Bins
__Study Lamp
__Ethernet Cable
__Oscillating/Box Fan
__Bicycle with bike lock
__Cable Cord
__Clothes Hangers
__Bedding (sheets, mattress pad, blanket, pillow etc.)

ª Important note about TV’s in our residence halls: SMSU’s cable TV provider offers digital cable. You may bring a TV to your room, but it MUST have a QAM tuner in order to work with our cable system.

*Notes on Laundry:

Commons East, Commons West, Commons Central and Sweetland Hall are equipped with washers and dryers. Laundry facilities are free!

**Notes on Cooking:

For this list, it’s helpful to connect with your roommate to decide who will bring what. For larger items, only one is needed. The Residence Life Office also has some cooking supplies and utensils that can be checked out for your use as well.



Please do no bring to the residence halls:  (Items below violate SMSU Residence Life Policies):

  • candles
  • halogen lamps
  • hot plates with exposed coils
  • air conditioners
  • space heaters


A few tips:

  • To hang your wall decorations, use only scotch tape, painter’s tape, or sticky tack. Do NOT use masking tape, nails or duct tape. 3M Command products work great if removed carefully.
  • Talk with your roommate(s) about the bigger items that you may want in your room (ex: television, refrigerator, microwave, etc.) to avoid duplicate items.
  • The mattresses provided are 36”x 80” so you should bring several sets of twin XL sheets. (If you are living in Foundation Residence Apartments, the mattresses are normal twin. If you are living in a Titan, Sirius, Kamasutra, or El Dorado double as a single room, the bed will be full size.)
  • In each room you will find a bed, desk, desk chair, and a closet per student, internet jacks (2), cable TV jack, and a wastebasket. Some rooms are also equipped with hutches.
  • Maximize your packing space by purchasing some items later at the local supercenter or grocery in Marshall.

Remember, this is not a complete list. You are truly unique and have a good idea what you will need to comfortably set up your living space in the SMSU Residence Halls. If you have any questions at all, please contact us!
Email OR call 507-537-6136. View all of our living options on our webpages at

Steps in the Advising Process

Beginning of the semester (within the first two weeks)

  • Introduce yourself to your advisor (email, phone call, stop by office) and ask any questions you may have
  • See the “Questions to Ask Your Advisor” (on the other side) for possible questions

One month before Advising Day

  • Discuss with your advisor which classes would be most beneficial based on your career path.
  • Find out from your advisor which classes you must take and when you need to take them in order to successfully graduate in four years.

As soon as the course schedule is available (about 3-4 weeks before Advising Day)

  • Determine which classes you will take and set up a proposed schedule for yourself. Select classes and put them in your “Review my Plan” in e-Services.
  • The course schedule is available online at the SMSU website ( under “MENU” then “Schedule of Classes.”

1-2 weeks before Advising Day

  • Contact your advisor and set up an appointment time for advising.
  • Note: Advising may be done as group advising, “drop-in” advising, or advising by appointment only, varies by advisor & department.

On Advising Day

(Group or individual, this varies by department and program. Advising schedules are posted on SMSUToday a week before Advising Day.)

  • Meet with your advisor.
  • Bring your proposed schedule of classes and any questions you may have.
  • Obtain your registration access code. (Note: Your access code changes each semester.) The registration access code serves as your advisor’s electronic signature confirming that you have been advised. You cannot register without this access code. During your advising appointment, if you are online in e-services with your advisor, enter your access code as soon as you receive it. If you are not in e-services during advising, go into e-services as soon as you can, and enter your access code. You do not have to wait until you actually register to enter it. Once you enter the access code, you do not need to re-enter it again for the remainder of the semester.

After Advising Day

  • Once your Registration Window opens, register as soon as you can! Seats in classes may fill quickly, so the sooner you register, the better. (Make sure you have entered your Registration Access Code first.)
  • If a course is full, put yourself on the waitlist. If the class opens, you will be sent a text message or email message saying the class is open. If you have signed up to receive SMSU text messages, a message will be sent to your phone. If you have not signed up for text messaging, the message will be sent to your SMSU email address. Check your text messages and/or SMSU email every day. You have 24 hours to register for the class. If you do not register for the class within that 24-hour timeframe, you lose the opportunity to register for the class. The open seat will go to the next student on the waitlist.

Throughout the Semester

  • Visit your advisor with any concerns or questions you may have
  • Update your advisor with any triumphs or exciting news you wish to share.

Questions to Ask Your Advisor

Get your advisor’s email address, office location, and phone number.

Top 3 questions to ask your advisor:
• How can I successfully graduate in four years?
• How do I prepare for my advising appointment?
• What is the best way to contact you?

Questions regarding...
...Advising Day
• How do I set up my advising appointment?
• How much time should I set aside for my advising?

...My Major
• When are “rotating classes” for my major offered?
• What pre-requisites do I need if any?
• Is there a grade requirement for my major courses?
• Is there an overall GPA required for my major courses?
• How do I determine which classes to take when I have options within my major or minor?

• How should I prepare for my classes?
• How much time should I plan to spend studying?
• What is the best way to approach a professor if I have a concern?

...My Advisor
• How often should I come see you?
• What are your office hours?
• Can I drop by with concerns?

Our tips for making the most of technology at SMSU:

Your StarID serves as your login for essential services at Southwest Minnesota State University such as E-Services, wireless and wired network connection, D2L Brightspace, Email and more. Your StarID is unique to you. Make sure you remember it and keep your StarID password secure. To Activate or reset your StarID Password visit:

Note: StarID Password Requirements
- Use at least 3 of these types of characters below and it must be at least 8 characters long:
  o Uppercase
  o Lowercase
  o Numbers
  o Special characters
- May not contain your first or last name

Forgot Your StarID Password?
• Go to the following web site:
• Click on Reset my Password icon and follow the steps
• Put in the required information and complete the process.
Note: Your StarID password expires every 180 days.

Wireless Internet Access
“SMSU” is Southwest Minnesota State University’s campus-wide wireless network. To connect, students will use SMSU Network OnRamp when connecting to WiFi for the first time. This network is a tool that will configure your device to access the SMSU wireless network, which will be the network you will use whenever you are on campus.

Internet Access in the Residence Halls
Wired and wireless Internet access is available in every residence hall room. Wireless access is also available in all public areas of the residence halls.

University Email
Students will receive important information on classes, financial aid, direct deposit and other University notifications via their campus email. You can access your Student Email through the web-based email portal and use your, and your StarID password to log in. Your e-mail address is, usually,

Accessing Your SMSU Email
• Click on “MENU” in the top left corner and select "Email"
• Click on "Login to Email"
• Your password will be your StarID password.

In addition to their SMSU email, students have access to other Microsoft Office applications such as OneDrive. OneDrive is a cloud-based storage where students can store their documents, pictures, videos, and more. You can access your OneDrive account from your web-based email, by clicking on at the upper left corner of your page, and selecting OneDrive.

Printing on campus
Students can print using their personal computer at our campus library and labs. Once you queue up a document for print, confirm the correct printer for your area and hit print. Contact the TRC helpdesk for help configuring personal computers to print.

There is a $25 print quota allowance for all students. If you use up your quota, you can purchase more at the Technology Resource Center. You will be able to purchase more pages in increments of $5.00, using your Mustang Money.

If you do not have money on your Mustang Money account, you need to visit the Mustang Card Center, located in Student Center Room 225 on class days between 9 am and 6 pm. You can also add to your Mustang Money account online at

Technology Assistance to Students
If you are experiencing problems or otherwise need assistance with your computer, mobile devices, Internet connection, or anything else related to technology, the TRC Helpdesk can help you out! Just call 507-537-6111, send an email to Or stop by the main floor of the McFarland Library. Read more about Information Technology Services at

Free Office365 ProPlus Software
In addition to Office 365 in the Cloud, enrolled students can download Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus on up to 5 devices with an active SMSU email account.

Emergency Messages: STAR ALERT
SMSU Alert is our Emergency Notification System. It allows campus community members to receive text and email notifications in the event of campus-related emergencies.

A SMSU Alert message will briefly state the location and nature of the emergency, and may include a specific action to take. SMSU Alert will also notify you if campus is closed or if classes are delayed or canceled. You are automatically enrolled in the system to receive email messages, but you must log in to set up text message & voice notifications.To sign up visit:

Cyber Security
Protect yourself by installing anti-virus and anti-malware software, and following our best practices.

PASSWORDS: Longer is Stronger
Utilize passphrases are short sentences or combinations of unrelated words that seem random to a computer but make sense to you. A combination of upper- and lower-case letters as well as numbers and symbols also adds strength to a password. Remember, passwords are always case-sensitive.

PHISHING: If you expect deceit, hit delete
Phishing emails use fear and demand tactics to obtain your personal information. If you suspect a phishing message, please notify the TRC Helpdesk immediately at Then, delete the email!

SOFTWARE UPDATES: Install now, not later
Most major software vendors send software updates to your computer automatically. Be wary of Internet browser pop-ups telling you to “Click Here” to update your computer!

D2L Brightspace
D2L Brightspace is an online learning management system used at Southwest Minnesota State. For online and face-to-face courses, D2L Brightspace is used to deliver content and supplemental materials. D2L Brightspace also includes tools for discussions, announcements, assignments, quizzes, and grades. 

How To Access Your D2L Brightspace Account
Click on “MENU" in the top left corner of the SMSU website and then D2L Brightspace
Login with your StarID and StarID password
Bookmark the login page:

Online Registration: E-Services
• Go to the following web site:
• Click on “MENU” and then on E-Services
• Login with your StarID and StarID password.

Web Conferencing
Zoom is the official web conferencing tool for Minnesota State. Log into Zoom at Please note: If you are signing in through a web browser, use your StarID and passord. A web browser will open to the site asking for your StarID and password. Type in that informaiton and press sign-on. Your browser should then ask if you want to open the Zoom App. Selext open or Open Zoom Meetings to host a meeting or join a meeting. 

Please watch the Zoom Video Tutorials, and contact the TRC if you have additional questions. 

Computer Labs for students
There are several computer labs that are available for student use across campus. All lab computers are accessible with a StarID and password. General access labs are equipped with dozens of software programs, printers, and scanners. To Login to On-Campus Computers: User ID: SMSU Network Login Username (StarID) ex: ab1234cd and Password: StarID Password
For hours of operation, visit 

Media Platform: KALTURA
Kaltura is a professional platform for video recordings, meetings, secure and published sharing with its own cloud storage. Videos created can be embedded into D2L Brightspace.
Visit to access Kaltura
Your username and password are your StarID and StarID password

Special Software
Inquire with the TRC to have access to software available to SMSU students such as Maple and Mathematica.

Technology Resource Center (TRC)
The TRC is located in the McFarland Library main floor in Bellows Academic 280. Stop in or call with all your technology support questions.
TRC Fall and Spring Semester Hours:
Monday – Thursday: 7:30 am – 11 pm
Friday: 7:30 am – 6 pm
Saturday: 10 am – 5 pm
Sunday: 12 pm – 11 pm

Email: or call 507-537-6111

Visit our webpage for a full list of services;


About McFarland Library

The McFarland Library promotes the success of the SMSU community by providing access to quality resources, instruction, services, and spaces to support research, teaching, and learning in an inviting, inclusive environment.

McFarland SPACES
2nd Floor: Courtesy Charging Station, Circulation Desk & Technology Resource Center (TRC)
3rd Floor: Two Computer Labs, Research Help Desk
4th Floor: Interlibrary Loan Office
5th Floor: Group Conference Room, Open Study Room, Media Creation Lab/Speech Center & the Writing Center


  • Research Help Available by Chat, Email, Phone, in Person & by Appointment
  • COLLABs - Designated Group Study Spaces Equipped with Wireless Screen Sharing - Available on 2nd, 3rd & 5th Floors
  • Group Study Room(s) & Computers Available on Every Floor
  • Variety of Seating Options: Beanbags, Desk Carrels, Soft Seating, Study Pods & Tables
  • Printing Available on 2nd, 3rd & 5th Floors
Headphones & Dell Laptops Available for Check-Out at the Circulation Desk

Library Services
  • Circulation Desk
  • Interlibrary Loan
  • Research Help
  • Tech Resource Center
  • Speech Center
  • Writing Center
  • History Center
  • Facebook and Twitter: @SMSULibrary

TRC Services

  • Assist with password reset & network support
  • Provide assistance for computer lab users
  • D2L Brightspace Support
  • Troubleshoot student-owned computers
  • Provide log-in assistance for students
  • Mobile Device Support
  • Twitter: @SMSU_Network

Visit us today! Located in Bellows Academic 280
Library: 507-537-7278  |  | 
TRC: 507-537-6111  |  |

On-campus medical services for students

What is Health Services?
Health Services is an on-campus clinic established to provide registered university students with low-cost medical services that they may otherwise neglect, due to the high cost of medical care. Health Services is staffed by campus nurses Monday through Friday while classes are in session. Additional medical providers are available for consultation (by appointment) during specified clinic hours each week.

How much does it cost?
The student activities fee included in the tuition of all Southwest Minnesota State University students covers the cost of the medical provider and nurse consultations. This fee also pays for minor procedures that can be performed at Health Services. A minimal fee is required for prescribed medications and antibiotics that are available from Health Services as well as any laboratory procedures necessary to complete a diagnosis. It is best to inquire at the time of your consultation as to the specific cost of your treatment.

Who can use Health Services?
The only requirement to utilize Health Services is that you be a registered SMSU student for the current semester. By Minnesota law, a proof of immunization record is required. You will be asked to complete a medical history questionnaire during your initial clinic visit.

Can I go with a question even if I'm not sick?
Yes, in fact, you may even talk to the nurse over the phone if you prefer. By paying your student activity fee, included in your tuition, you are enabling yourself access to free consultations with trained health care professionals.

Is it confidential?
Yes. Any medical treatments, examinations, consultations, appointments, and family medical histories at Health Services are strictly confidential and cannot be released to parents, faculty, university staff, or other students without your prior written consent. You are encouraged to make appointments at Health Services over the phone to ensure complete privacy, but walk-ins are welcome.

What other services are available?
Health Services recognizes that mental, social, and physical health are all essential to your happiness and productivity. With that in mind, they provide health education, counseling, information on environmental health issues, first aid, and referrals to health facilities when necessary. Health Services can be used as an important resource for medically related research or classroom assignment as well. They also provide materials in Braille, audio tape, and large print upon request.

Where is Health Services?
Health Services is conveniently located in Bellows Academic 158. Clinic hours are posted on the door along with the medical provider’s hours.

How do I schedule an appointment?
Appointments can be made in person or over the phone. There is a receptionist at the front desk who will schedule an appointment for you or direct your call to the nurse. The phone number for Health Services is 507-537-7202.

Bellows Academic 158

Minnesota Department of Health Information for College Students (PDF)

Career Services provides comprehensive career resources to assist SMSU students and alumni with their career development and employment goals. The role of Career Services is not to act as a placement center. Career Services strives to equip students with resources to successfully manage their career development during their academic experience and beyond graduation.


• Career Exploration & Assessments
• Job & Internship Search Assistance
• Resume & Cover Letter Development
• Linkedln Profile Creation
• Online Job Listings @ Handshake
• Graduate & Professional School Preparation
• Practice Interviewing
• Career Fairs
• On-Campus Employer Interviews
• Employer Information Sessions & Presentations
• Professional Dress Clothing Closet


• Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
• StrengthsQuest
• Stong Interest Inventory


• Handshake
• GoinGlobal
• Candid Career
• What Can I Do With This Major

We're here to help! Stop by and see us, call or email!
Monday - Friday 8:00am-12:00pm; 1:00pm-4:30pm 

College is often a time when mental health concerns develop for the first time or reemerge to create challenges in students’ lives. We’re here to help.

SMSU Counseling & Testing Services provides confidential services to assist enrolled students with individual concerns that may be interfering with their personal and academic success.

Counseling begins with an initial appointment, during which the student’s concerns and options for addressing those concerns are discussed.

Testing Center
SMSU Counseling & Testing Services coordinates a variety of testing services in the testing center. Credit by examination options including CLEP and DSST are available. In addition, test proctoring services are available for students and others in need of that service.

The testing center is a certified Pearson VUE testing center, offering the Minnesota Teacher Licensure Examinations and many other examinations. The ACT Residual is offered for students planning to attend SMSU.

The staff at SMSU Counseling & Testing Services are available to consult with faculty, staff, students, parents, and others about concerns. Staff is also available to provide presentations, information, and other assistance to campus groups.
Referrals are offered on a case-by-case basis for students whose needs may be better served by another campus or community resource.

Personal Counseling
College is a time of change that can be very exciting as well as stressful and challenging. Stress, depression, anxiety, relationship concerns, loneliness, college adjustment concerns, or other personal issues can affect students’ well-being and academic success.
Our goal is to support students through challenges and changes in all areas of life so they feel they can be successful.


SMSU Counseling & Testing Services is staffed by licensed mental health professionals who provide free, confidential, short-term counseling services in an empathetic, non-judgmental setting. Appointments can be scheduled with SMSU Counseling & Testing Services by calling 507-537-7150 or stopping by the office in BA 156.

Sara Fier, PhD, LP
Associate Professor of Counseling

Diane Stieper, MA, LMFT

Julie Kautz, MSW, LICSW

Lori Engebretson
Office Manager

Our office hours:

8:00a.m. — 12:00p.m.
1:00p.m. — 4:30p.m.

Bellows Academic 156

Southwest Minnesota State University
Marshall, MN 56258
Office: 507-537-7150

Support we provide:
  • Drop-In Center for Questions and/or Concerns
  • Student Intervention & Support
    • Early Alert Procedures
    • Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)
    • Last Date of Attendance (LDA) Grades
  • Academic Success Program (ASP)
  • Tutoring Support*  and Study Strategies
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Individualized Learning 224

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WAYS YOU CAN ACHIEVE SUCCESS! (PDF) Students have 24/7 access to free online tutoring, so you can get your school work done... even at 1:00AM. Connect with a tutor today: Access through your course pages in D2L Brightspace. 



The Mustang Card is your student ID card and so much more! It serves as your identification, library card, as well as is the only card you need for everything on campus from dining services to vending machines. If tied to a US Band Debit account, you can use it for any purchase on- and off-campus.

Mustang Card Features
Feature Mustang Money Dining Dollars US Bank Debit Card
Never Expires YES
All Campus Dining Locations YES YES

Tax-free Food Purchases (Students Only)

Business Services (tuition, fees, parking, permits, etc.) YES
Barnes & Noble Campus Bookstore YES YES
Snack & Beverage Vending Machines YES
The Mustang Zone YES
SMSU Public Safety YES
Student Center Services YES
Locker Rentals YES
Technology Resource Center (Additional Printing Funds) YES
Fee-free cash withdrawals at the Student Center ATM* YES
Accepted at any location (On & Off Campus) that accepts
PIN Debit Card transactions including purchases, deposits,
and withdrawals*


*Available ONLY if you choose to link your Mustang Card to a checking account with U.S. Bank and set up your Mustang Card to double as your ATM/Debit Card. (Download the Application Form and Information from US Bank)

Use your Mustang Card to access a wide variety of information at the SMSU Library and on-line reference sites. 

Barnes & Noble
When it comes time to purchase textbooks, your Mustang Money, Financial Aid Funds, and/or U.S. Bank Checking Account can get the job done with a single swipe of your Mustang Card.

Account Deposits
You (or other wonderfully generous people such as your parents, grandparents, etc.) may add to your Mustang Money or Dining Dollar accounts via cash, check or credit card* as follows:
1. Using Cash or Check in person at the Mustang Card Center, second floor of the Student Center
2. Online by clicking on the “FUNDS” option on the upper left side of the page
3. Via check by mail to the Mustang Card Center, c/o The Centers @ SMSU, 1501 State Street, Marshall, MN 56258

*NOTE: The online deposit option automatically adds a $1 convenience fee to your credit card transaction. Deposits by cash or check do not incur a fee.

Terms and Conditions of Use
A complete list of all terms and conditions of Mustang Card ownership and use are available online at

Lost or Stolen Cards
Missing cards should be reported immediately online at or to either the Mustang Card Center or University Public Safety during normal business hours. Lost or stolen cards will be frozen, blocking unauthorized use of the card. Until the time a card is reported lost, liabilities incurred on the card are the responsibility of the card holder. Temporary cards are available at the Card Center for a 3-day use period to provide access to your accounts while searching for your missing card. If the missing card is not found within that 3-day time frame, your card will be permanently deactivated and a replacement card must be purchased to access accounts and services.

Damaged Cards
Most damaged cards are subject to the $25 replacement fee. However, in some cases the fee may be waived by bringing the malfunctioning card for inspection.

The Liberal Education Program at Southwest Minnesota State University provides students with the opportunity to obtain a solid, general education across the fundamental domains of human knowledge.

Students seeking a Bachelor’s degree from SMSU must complete the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum and all other associated graduation requirements.

Visit for the most up-to-date information on The SMSU Liberal Education Program & Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC).

Visit for the most current version of the Academic Calendar and the upcoming year, if available. The Academic Calendar includes start and end dates, breaks, finals, and important deadlines for each semester.

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