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Internet Resources

Note: This is stuff we've found or that's been mentioned to us. Quality may vary. Many of these sites offer both free services and links to services that are not free.

Khan Academy

This is a tremendous site with free videos and exercises covering basic arithmetic through calculus.  A good place to go if your skills need some refreshing.

Finite Mathematics

Matrix Reduction Practice - Try out this page for practice in matrix row operations.  The page can prompt you to do one operation at a time, or you can reduce an entire matrix at once.  (Still in development, but reasonably stable.)

College Algebra, Precalculus, and Calculus

CalcChat - Worked-out answers to odd-numbered problems in the Larson, Hofstetler texts. Worth checking when you get stuck.

Calculus, by Gilbert Strang - A complete textbook made available through MIT's Open Courseware program.

Calculator Help

TI Calculators - Select your TI calculator to links to the instruction manuals ("Guide Books").

Casio Calculators - Links to Casio manuals.

General - Tools to solve many problems in Algebra through Calculus. Doesn't show you the steps in solving, but can check your answers. - Use free solvers, or post a question for the tutors. (No guaranteed response from the tutors, though.) - Collection of solvers, lessons, and worksheets for algebra students.

MIT Open Courseware - Massachusetts Institute of Technology posts lots and lots of lecture notes and exercises. Neat resource! Their mathematics courses include many undergraduate and graduate courses.


Introductory Statistics (for psychology?) text online, by David Stockburger from Missouri State.

Statistics with exercise and sport science applications.

Matrices / Linear Algebra's Linear Algebra Workbench lets you define a matrix and perform operations on it.

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