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Assessment for College Placement


Academic and Diversity Resources provides the MnSCU mandated Assessment for College Placement (ACP) for Southwest Minnesota State University. In accordance with MnSCU Board Policy 3.3, all incoming students must be assessed for college level skills through the authorized instruments of ACT area subscores or Accuplacer in English, Mathematics, and Reading.

Successful performance on the MnSCU authorized ACT English Usage area subscore or Accuplacer English assessment will waive the English 101 pre-requisite course; Mathematics and Reading scores and recommendations are used in advising students for first year courses that engage and enhance student academic goals.

Academic and Diversity Resources devised an “assessment” of informational items that allows students who provide the authorized ACT area subscores, to be administered an Accuplacer test, and thus Accuplacer is able to collect the demographic information for all incoming students that MnSCU requires to be uploaded to the student record system. 

Linda Nelson, Director of Academic Commons
IL 224
Phone: 507-537-7324

Last Modified: 1/13/17 10:52 AM