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 What is Summer Bridge?


Summer Bridge gives you a chance to begin your SMSU Freshman Year early. Fifteen to twenty students will be chosen to enroll in 10 credits, seven of which meet requirements in the Liberal Arts Core and three of which count as electives in your degree program. Tuition will be waived for seven credits. All tuition, course fees, residence halls, board, and books will be deferred and included in fall enrollment costs, for inclusion in the student’s Financial Aid package. Students must also register for IDST 102 Applied Academic Strategies for the fall semester. This course will be included in the fall enrollment costs, also. 

Earn 10 credits, seven of them tuition free!


Information Regarding the Summer Bridge Program 2016

2016 Summer Bridge Cost Sheet 

The AOS Living and Learning Community


Summer Brigde FAQ


What is the difference between AOS and Summer Bridge?

AOS is the overall program that facilitates Summer Bridge. AOS program is a student support services program that provides on-going support to students who qualify through their academic tenure at SMSU.


Do I have to participate in Summer Bridge to be a part of the AOS program?

No, in fact once you have completed the application and are accepted into the program you are an AOS member. In order to participate in Summer Bridge you must have a 18+ ACT and a 2.0 GPA in order to qualify.


Do I need to purchase books for Summer Bridge?

No, the AOS program provides students the books needed during the three-week program.


Financial Aid and Summer Bridge, does it apply?

Yes, because Summer Bridge is applied to your fall semester bill. Adjustments to your credit load and award will be made once you have completed your Letter of Commitment.


When and How do I pay for the Summer Bridge program?

Summer Bridge charges will be placed onto your fall semester bill. No charges will need to be paid until first payment is required.


Where will I live during Summer Bridge?

All participants will live in the AOS LLC that consists of Selene and Buckingham. These houses are located on the southeast side of campus and are conveniently located next to the Conference Center and Commons East buildings.


Why can’t I live in my assigned room for the Academic year during Summer Bridge?

Students cannot stay in their assigned rooms in other houses because they are not staffed with a Residential Assistant, however, participants who chose to live in the AOS LLC will move into their room placement on move in day in July. All other students who are living on campus will have the opportunity to move their items into their assigned rooms the last week of the program. 

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