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Student Responsibilities / LEP

Student Responsibilities for Advising 

All students will be assigned an academic advisor their first semester at Southwest Minnesota State University. At that time, contact your advisor and ask about his/her advising procedure.

About the eleventh week of each semester, students register for classes for the upcoming semester. In order to do this, you will need to make an advising appointment with your advisor.  No classes are scheduled for Advising Days in both the Fall and Spring semester so that students can consult with their academic advisors about their next semester's course selection.


  1. Log into E-services. Log in, and in the left hand menu click on Courses & Registration. Then click on “Find a Course”. Once you are in this screen, change to the appropriate semester.
  2. Open your DARS report in another window, find the Liberal Education Program requirements AND the Major requirement area if you have a declared major. Look through the classes offered and select classes you would like to take the next semester. When you find a class you would like to take, click on Add button beside the course, and this will go into your "Plan".  Putting classes in your "Plan" does not prevent others from registering for these classes, nor does it register you for these classes. This is just a way to “select” the classes you would like to take, so they are readily available for you to access. Later when your registration window opens, if the classes are still open, you can go directly into your "Review My Plan", check the classes you would like to register for and follow the directions for registering.
  3. The classes in your "Plan" can be accessed online by you at your advising appointment so that you can discuss your class choices with your advisor.
  4. During your advising appointment, your advisor will review the classes you have selected, offer suggestions, and answer any questions you may have. Your advisor will also give you a Registration Access Code which enables you to register. THE SYSTEM WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO REGISTER FOR CLASSES WITHOUT THIS ACCESS CODE. This Registration Access Code changes every semester.

You can check the date and time that you can register by going into E-services, click on Courses & Registration, and then click on Registration Window. Make sure you change the date to the appropriate semester. You can register when your registration window opens. The system will not allow you to register before this time. The Registration Windows go according to the number of earned credits each student has. Classes that students are currently taking are not earned. (Classes are not earned until they have a grade.)

LEP Requirements can be found in the Academic Catalog.

Last Modified: 1/9/20 9:24 AM