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About the Coordinator

Personal Statement

I am so excited to be part of the team of people that strive to facilitate an excellent academic experience for students of all backgrounds and abilities. I am a 2002 alum of Southwest Minnesota State University and am the first of my siblings to attend college and graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. Following the completion of my undergraduate degree I pursued a Master’s of Arts in Sociology and Social Movements and a Doctorate in Sociology, specializing in race, class, and gender. I have taught at the college level for over ten years and am committed to empowering students to find their passion in life and achieve their goals. I believe strongly in the value of education and hold firmly to being ‘the change that you wish to see in the world’ (Gandhi).

Contact Information

Blue to Brown Connection Program                                             
1501 State Street                                                                           
IL 224C                                                                                         
Marshall, MN 56258                                                                       

Erin Kline
Blue to Brown Connection Coordinator
(o) 507-537-7223
(c) 507-829-5301 

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