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Immigration Forms

Change of Address Notification

This form is to be completed to update your address in the university system and in SEVIS.

Download Change of Address Notification Form

Change of Status

Complete this form if you wish to apply for a change of status (Example: B1 to F1 visa).

Download Change of Status Form

Curricular Practical Training (CPT)

Complete this form to apply for CPT benefits.

Download Curricular Practical Training Form

Dependent Request

This is to request to bring a dependent to join you while a student at SMSU.

Download Dependent Request Form

Extension Request

Complete this form if you wish to apply for an extension of your I-20 expiration date.

Download Extension Request Form

Optional Practical Training (OPT)

This form is to complete the OPT application process for working off campus authorization.

Download Optional Practical Training Form

Reduced Course Load Request

This form is to receive authorization to take less than 12 credits as an undergraduate and 6 credits as a graduate student.

Download Reduced Course Load Request Form


Complete this form in the event that you wish to apply to reinstate your immigration record.

Download Reinstatement Form

STEM OPT Application

This is the form required to request an extension of your OPT.

Download STEM OPT Application Form

Student Economic Hardship Application

This form is to request authorization to work off campus due to economic hardship.

Download Student Economic Hardship Application Form

Mailing Request Form

This is to request that our office mail a document to you.

Download Mailing Request Form

Maintaining International Student Status

This is a summary of important suggestions to maintain your immigration status.

Download Maintaining International Student Status Form

Notification of Departure/Early Withdrawal/Completion of Program

Complete this form if you wish to depart the United States.

Download Departure/Early Withdrawal/Completion of Program Form

Obtaining a Social Security Number

General information on the process to obtain a Social Security number.

Download Obtaining a Social Security Number Form

Request to Transfer Out

This form is required to transfer your SEVIS record to another institution.

Download Request to Transfer Out Form

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