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Active in Group/Association & Social Capital

Active Membership in Group/Assn - Social Capital


Active membership in a group or association:

• Belonging to and actively participating in (not just donating money) groups or associations, either locally or nationally

Social Capital (example definitions):

• “Features of social organization such as networks, norms, and social trust that facilitate coordination and cooperation for mutual benefit”
--(Putnam 1995, p. 67)

• “Those voluntary means and processes developed within civil society which promote development for the collective whole”
--(Thomas 1996, p. 110)

• “The web of cooperative relationships between citizens that facilitate resolution of collective action problems”
--(Brehm and Rahn 1997, p. 999)

• “The ability of people to work together for common purposes in groups and organizations”
--(Fukuyama 1995, p. 10)

• “Social capital can be defined simply as the existence of a certain set of informal values or norms shared among members of a group that permit cooperation among them”
--(Fukuyama 1997)



Start by scrolling through a list of clubs and organizations that you may be interested in joining---- academic clubs (e.g. Chemistry Club, History Club), intramural sports clubs, student governance organizaitons, media clubs (to name a few)!  Getting involved with clubs and organizations provide opportunities for taking on leadership roles or volunteering as a group. This is also a great way to get to know others--students, faculty, staff, and community members--- while "giving back"!

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