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Test Proctoring Information

Students are Responsible for:

  • Contacting Accessibility Services to request testing accommodations.
  • Knowing the testing accommodations that have been approved for him/her.
  • Informing faculty at the beginning of the semester the testing accommodations he/she will be using.
  • Correctly filing out test proctoring form four (4) days in advance for each exam.
  • Arranging with faculty for getting the exams to Accessibility Services.
  • Requesting assistance when problems or questions arise about testing accommodations.
  • Conducting themselves during all examinations according to Southwest Minnesota State University's rules and regulations.


Guidelines and Procedures:

  • Examinations WILL NOT be given if test-proctoring forms are not filled out correctly and on time (4 days prior to test).
  • Examinations WILL NOT be given at alternate times without the permission of the instructor.
  • Students who are caught cheating will have their examinations taken away and the situation will be immediately reported to the instructor.
  • Once an examination begins students WILL NOT be allowed to leave Accessibility Services until the test is completed, unless previously approved by the Director of Accessibility Services.
  • Books, notes, (unless specified by the professor on the proctoring form) are not allowed in the testing room. This includes auxiliary aids, i.e., personal computers, phones, Braille and Speak, etc.
  • Auxiliary aids needed during testing such as interpreters, scribes, computers, Kurzweil, etc. will be arranged by DS staff.


Extended Test Time:

Time Allowed in Class                    Time allowed in Disability Services (1½ time)           

15 minutes                                       23 minutes

50 minutes                                       75 minutes

75 minutes                                       113 minutes

110 minutes (finals)                         165 minutes (2.45 hours)


We don’t do unlimited time and if a student is late it counts toward time allowed in Accessibility Services.  If you are not here on the date and time of the exam, the student must arrange a retake with your professor.



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Test Proctoring Information

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