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2023-2024 Parking Permit/Maintenance Fee Changes

Starting Fall Semester 2023, parking permits will no longer be needed in most parking lots on the campus of SMSU. 

Parking permits will be needed for the Foundation Residence Apartments Lot and for reserved parking spaces in each lot.


During the 2022-2023 academic year, administration met with student government and bargaining units to discuss a change from selling parking permits to charging a maintenance fee for all employees and students. The maintenance fee covers such costs as parking lot repair, outdoor lighting on campus, snow removal for lots and sidewalks, public security and Clery Compliance as well as emergency training. The Student Government endorsed the change from parking permits to maintenance fees. The bargaining units were consulted and were in favor of the change.

Per Minnesota State Statute and Minnesota State Policy, parking lots cannot be fully funded through tuition revenue and/or state appropriation. Funding must be secured through alternative sources such as parking fees, permits, ticketing or other such revenue. As such, every member of our Mustang family must contribute in order for us to maintain functional parking lots and sidewalks along with providing additional safety and security services. We appreciate all your support of the Mustang family!  


Students will be charged a maintenance fee of $2.50 per credit for online and off campus credits and $5.30 per credit for on campus credits.

Employees will each be charged $210.00 plus tax through payroll deduction, to be completed through the SMSU HR office. The deduction will take place during the academic year. If an employee is interested in a general or specific reserved parking spot, that paperwork will also pass through the HR office. Adjunct professors will be charged $75 plus tax for the academic year. By state statute employees must be charged as much or more than students for parking.

2023-2024 Maintenance Fee and Reserved Parking Rates


There are very limited reasons that an employee could appeal and be granted a waiver from paying the maintenance fee. Fully remote work will not be a reason to grant a waiver. If you feel you should not be charged for the maintenance fee, you may appeal.  For the first year, the President’s cabinet will hear the appeals. The appeal must be sent to the Vice President for Finance and Administration.  There will be a form sent to you from the HR office.

Foundation Apartment Parking requires a Parking Permit since this is a reserved lot:

  • If your apartment is full, the permit is free.
  • If your apartment is not full, the cost for a permit is $180 for the year.
  • Permits for the Foundation Apartment Parking Lot, Lot E, are on a first come, first serve basis and can be obtained from the Cashier’s Window.

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