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Assisting Your Advisees

How to Send an Email to all of Your Advisees

1. Sign onto using Mozilla Firefox as your web browser
2. The Link to SouthwestNet is located as an icon next to the search bar.
        (It looks like a computer screen.)
3. Sign into Southwest Net using your network sign on
        (The first username and password that you sign onto your office computer.)
4. Click Tools Tab
5. Click Advisee List
6. Click E-mail All Advisee Link

How to Create a List of Advisees NOT registered for the next semester:

1. Sign into E-services
2. Click Overall Advisee List
3. Starting in the upper left hand corner, highlight your entire list by ending in the lower right hand corner
4. Copy the highlighted list

5. Open up a blank excel workbook

6. In the upper left hand corner click and then paste in your Advisee List

7.Sort the Last Semester field, ascending Z-A

8. Beginning of the list will be the students with the most current term of registrations

9 Following group will be the students not registered for the Next semester

10. Contact these advisees concerning their plans for the next semester

How to Check Your Advisees Schedule

  1. Sign into E-services
    2. Click Overall Advisee List
    3. Click on the student’s name link
    4. The student schedule will open in a new window

How to Log into What-If DARS?



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