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Area Coordinators

The East Area Coordinators are Jess Bentley and Peg Furshong.  Jess's office is located in Commons East and she is responsible for the Apartment and Upper-class Living Communities (Foundation Residence Apartments, Titian, Sirius, Kamasutra and El Dorado).  Peg's office is in the Student Center 221 and she is responsible for the Living & Learning Communities (Buckingham, Selene, Camaraderie, Clapper, Manchester, Charisma, Lincoln Center, Aquarius and Ocean Blvd).  West Area Coordinator Michael Kurowski has an office located in Commons West. Michael is responsible for the First Year Experience and Traditional Residence Hall Communities (Homestead, Sybaris, Porter, Chez Nous, Lakota and Sweetland Hall)

They are available for students and staff for matters regarding housing and SMSU. Coordinators are available by appointment during the hours of 9am-5pm Monday through Friday. You may also stop from 10am-5pm. You may reach  Jess Bentley at 537-7303, Peg Furshong at 537-6858 and Michael Kurowski at 537-6550. Coordinators are also available after hours in case of emergency.

Last Modified: 2/3/17 4:30 PM