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RHA Equipment

RHA is the Residence Hall Association. It is the governing body for students living in the residence halls. Each year RHA provides free equipment checkout through the Residence Life office in Naoutha for on-campus students. Following is a listing of what is available. *This may not be a full listing as items are updated regularly.

There are TREK bikes for residents to checkout. They may be checked out as the weather permits. Residents may check out the bikes for up to 6 hours free of cost or $5.00 per day with a maximum of 2 days.  All bikes come with locks and helmets.  Late fees are $7.50 per day.

Camping Equipment

Tents, Sleeping Mat, Hiking Back Packs, Folding Picnic Table, Canteen, Cooking Pots, Flashlight, Ice Packs, Tarps, Camp Cooker, Camp Stoves, Fishing Poles, Plastic Dishes, Cooler, Camping Shower.

Backgammon, Balderdash, Bingo, Cranium, Deck of Cards, Game Center, Jenga, Men are from Mars Women are from Venus, Outburst, Pictionary, Scattergories, Taboo, Trivia Pursuit Genius II, Trivia Pursuit Millenium, Uno, Yahtzee.

Gaming Systems
Wii, X-Box Live and DVD Players

Kitchen Items
George Forman Grills, Coffee Pot, Popcorn Popper, Crock Pot, Forks, Knives, Rolling Pin, Pizza Cutter, Rubber Spatulas, Plastic Ladle, Measuring Spoons, Cookie Sheets, Muffin Pan, Casserole Dish, Cooling Rack, Sauce Pans, Mixing Bowl, Can Opener, Iron, Plates, Bowls, Spoons, Stir-fry Pan, Wooden Spoons, Potato Peeler, Apple Cutter, Spaghetti Spoon, Measuring Cups, Cutting Board, Brownie Sheet, Cake Pans, Glass Bowls, Pitcher, Frying Pans, Pot Holders, Flower Vase, Bacon Rack.

Sports Equipment
Tennis Racket, Tennis Balls, Volleyball Net, Volleyball, Kickball, Soccer Ball, Basketball, Football, Baseball Bat, Baseball Glove, Baseball, Catcher's Pad, Ping-Pong Paddles, Rackets & Birdies, Frisbee, Golf Clubs, Cricket, Softball equipment, rubber bases, Disc Golf discs.

Jumper Cables, Ratchet Set, Screw Drivers, Wrench, Shovel, Hammer, Tape Measure, Pliers, Saw.


Sleds, Snow Shovels, Garden Tools.

****Please check with Residence Life for additional equipment.

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