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Commons Services and Equipment

Computer Lab
Computers are available for residence hall students to use at no charge. Printers are also located in the Computer Labs and are free to use. Students must supply their own paper. They are located in both Commons East and Commons West. Ask for the key from the receptionist's desk.

Maintenance Repair Book

The Maintenance Repair Book is maintained in the Commons Office for students' convenience to inform the Building Services Foreman of needed repairs in their room. The Building Services Foreman or his staff will check the logbook Monday through Friday. For emergencies, notify Commons or the Housing Office to receive immediate attention.

Need Quarters?

Students may receive change up to $5.00 in quarters. A change machine is also available in Commons Central 24 hours a day.


Students will receive a package slip in their mailbox. This notifies the student to go to their Commons Office with their Student ID and package slip to pick up the package.

Purified Water

If a student wishes to purchase purified water, it is available at Commons East, the Foundation Residence Apartments and the Student Center. Purified water is $0.25/gallon.

Stamps & Mail
Students may purchase stamps or drop off mail at the Commons Offices. Mail is delivered before 3pm Monday through Friday.

Vacuum Cleaners
There are several vacuum cleaners located in the Commons Office for students' use free of charge. Your Student ID is needed for checkout. Vacuum cleaner checkout is for one hour. There will be a charge of $0.50 for every hour it is late. Your ID will be returned after use.

VCR & DVD Player Checkout
There are VCRs and DVD players located in the Commons Offices for students to rent. There is a charge of $2.00 for the rental. Machines must be returned by 3:00pm the following day.

Last Modified: 2/3/17 5:00 PM