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Mustang Traditions House

Mustang Traditions House


The SMSU Mustang Traditions Living & Learning Community is a co-ed house that is located in Manchester.  This house is open to all students across all disciplines who are outgoing, energetic and want to get involved on campus.

Mustang Traditions Living & Learning Community acknowledges SMSU’s liberal arts mission and the rich traditions throughout campus. Members of this community will be provided with a supportive environment that encourages participation in a wide range of SMSU’s traditions with an emphasis on supporting intercollegiate athletics and active involvement in intramurals.

Students in Mustang Traditions will:

  • Increase student loyalty and spirit for SMSU.
  • Create intramural teams within the house to stay active.
  • Energize home crowds as the official student cheer section for intercollegiate athletics.
  • Get inside knowledge on the history and traditions of SMSU that are important to the
  • University and help create new traditions.
  • Have positive interactions with university faculty and staff to develop teamwork, collaboration and improve the student experience.

For more information, contact the SMSU Alumni Office at or visit the Mustang Traditions website.

How do I apply? Click on the box indicating your Learning Community Interest in your online housing application.


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