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Speech Center

Fall Semester 2019

Speech Center Location and Mission

The Speech Center in BA 511 is located in the McFarland Library on the fifth floor and near the Writing Center.  Our Speech Center consultants provide free tutoring for all students for any course that requires public speaking or group presentations.  The student does not need to be enrolled in a public speaking course.  Tutors can help students with outlining and research strategies, computer slide presentations, brainstorming of topics, and delivery techniques.

All students will be able to practice their speeches or group presentations, using any visual aids they may have, record the practice speeches and presentations to then playback for critiquing of what they do well and what aspects of the presentation they need to improve or strengthen.

SMSU Speech Center Schedule, Fall 2019

Day Hours with tutor available
Monday 12-2 PM and 3-5 PM
Tuesday No hours
Wednesday 8-10 AM and 5:45-8 PM
Thursday 10:30 AM - 12 PM
Friday 8-10 AM


Tutoring reservations are not required. 

We are accepting walk-ins during any of the posted times.


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