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Assessment for College Placement

Southwest Minnesota State University places students in English and Mathematics courses appropriate for their skill level. Students at Southwest are placed in one of two English courses, based on their ACT English area sub-score or their performance on the Minnesota State authorized ACCUPLACER Reading Comprehension assessment. ACT Mathematics area sub-score, high school transcripts, or the ACCUPLACER Math assessment may be used in advising and placing students in math courses appropriate to their skill level and proposed course of study.

ACCUPLACER is a proctored, computerized assessment that provides SMSU with information about a student's level of skill in English and mathematics.  All questions are multiple choice. Tests are not timed, so students can give each question as much thought as they wish. Results are available at the end of the test session.

The Minnesota State mandated Assessment for College Placement (ACP), in accordance with Minnesota State Board Policy 3.3, states that all incoming students must be assessed for college level skills through the authorized instruments of ACT area sub-scores or the ACCUPLACER assessment in English, Mathematics, and Reading. Students who have ACT area sub-scores on file, or who have submitted other assessment results or transcripts of previous college coursework are not required to complete the ACCUPLACER assessment.

Students who wish to take the Accuplacer for placement in MATH 110 College Algebra or enrollment at another Minnesota State institution should contact the Deeann Griebel Student Success Center at or call 507-537-6484 for more information.

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