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Parent / Guardian Connections

Dear Mustang Parents and/or Guardians,

CONGRATULATIONS! Your student has made an exceptional decision by choosing SMSU as their university of choice. Southwest Minnesota State University is committed to our Mustang family and will make campus their “home away from home”. Most importantly, the Office of Student Success looks forward to ensuring a positive and enriching college experience. We will provide the support students need to maximize their full potential while they are here – academically, socially, and professionally.

Please know that the support students receive from their parents or guardians throughout their collegiate career is imperative. Success in the classroom can sometimes be hindered by problems that occur or begin at home, as well as issues they are facing in college. At times, these problems can affect not only a student’s attitude towards school, but limit their participation in extracurricular activities and socialization with others. By taking an active role in your student's development at SMSU, you will help them to achieve their academic goals.

Communication lines are always open with the Office of Student Success. We encourage feedback if you feel that your student could use additional assistance to better his/her experience as a Mustang. Feel free to email me at or call 1.800.642.0684 ext 7290 with any questions or concerns. We are always happy to help! 

Go Mustangs!
Brittany Krull
Brittany Krull '04 '09
Assistant Director of Student Success

Last Modified: 7/11/17 10:28 AM