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Instructions for Faculty

Faculty Outreach   Each fall and spring semester, you will receive an email from the Office of Student Success (OSS) the 3rd week, as well as the 7th week of classes. This email will  include detailed instructions on how to complete the early alert survey.
Survey Expiration You are given one week to participate in the early alert survey before it expires.
Class Rosters In the email, there will be a link to click on which will bring you to a list of classes you are teaching for that semester. Click on the class to view your class roster. The roster will include the student’s first and last name, Mustang ID & SMSU email. Note - If students are missing from your class roster, it is possible that they have withdrawn from your class.
Reporting Alerts Once you have opened your class roster, you will have the opportunity of identifying the following alerts for each student (only if applicable and if you feel additional outreach is required from our office):
  • Attendance
  • Academic
  • Financial
  • Personal

    There will also be a comment section to use if you would like to provide the OSS with additional comments or further explanation of the alert. Once you have identified who may or may not have an early alert, click the finalize responses button.
Please note: If you do not have any alerts to report, we ask that you still review each class roster and click "finalize responses". This informs the OSS that you have participated in the early alert survey and that there are simply no alerts to report at this time.
Intervention Strategies Once the survey expires, the OSS will evaluate the alerts that have been submitted and begin intervention strategies. Due to the high volume of alerts often reported, the following offices/departments assist with student intervention meetings: Athletics Department, Office of Diversity & Inclusion and AOS, International Student Services, College Now, Extended Learning, & the Advising Center.

Alert information will also be distributed to Academic Advisors to keep them informed of any advisees that have been reported.

Last Modified: 2/1/17 2:48 PM