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Student Information

To help our students understand our early alert warning procedures should an alert ever be reported, the below diagram was developed to outline our process step by step. Additional questions can be emailed to at any time.

Faculty Outreach

Each semester, your professors receive an email from the Office of Student Success (OSS) during week 3 and week 7 asking them to participate in an early alert survey to report any students who may be at-risk in their classes (or to confirm that they have no concerns at that given time). Students could be considered at-risk due to one or more of the following alert types:

  • Academic
  • Attendance
  • Personal
  • Financial
Submission Deadline The survey expires after one week and intervention strategies begin shortly after.
Student Notification

You will be notified if you have an early alert by one or more of the following ways:

  • Email
  • Phone Call and/or Text Message
  • Post Card
Intervention Meetings

Once the survey expires, the OSS will evaluate the alerts that have been submitted and begin intervention strategies. Due to the high volume of alerts often reported, the following offices/departments will assist with student intervention meetings: Athletics Department, Office of Diversity & Inclusion and AOS, International Student Services, College Now, Extended Learning, & the Advising Center.

A one on one meeting is scheduled with you to discuss the early alert(s) you received, what resources we have available to help aid in your success, as well as a general discussion about your experience at SMSU, short and long-term goals, campus involvement, and educational intent at SMSU.

Additional Contacts To ensure that you are receiving the support that you need, alert information will also be distributed to Academic Advisors to keep them informed of the early alert concerns.

Last Modified: 2/1/17 2:51 PM