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Early Alert Procedures

What is an Early Alert? 
Definition: An early alert is an automated at-risk identification tool designed to help identify and react to retention challenges quickly and consistently.

We want our students to achieve academic success, as well as social and professional growth; therefore, have implemented a procedure from Retain (a Campus Management Product) to help identify students that may be at-risk due to the following alert types: Academic, Attendance, Financial, and Personal. Students who have been identified with an early alert by a faculty or staff member, will be notified by the Office of Student Success or a member of the Early Alert Intervention Team to discuss a plan of action and receive the help they need in order to succeed as a SMSU Mustang.

To view instructions for faculty members, click here.
To view information specific for SMSU students, click

Last Modified: 1/7/20 4:18 PM