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2016 Walter Mann Memorial Scholarship

Scholarship Application Form

Eligibility and directions: To be eligible to apply for this scholarship, you must enroll as a full-time student in fall 2016, and you must be hired to be a tutor for fall 2017. Eligible tutors should complete this form and submit it to Lori Baker ( by February 24, 2017. Those with questions about this form may also contact Lori Baker at the above email address.

1. Name:

2. Mustang ID#:

3. Major:

4. GPA:

5. Number of semesters tutoring in the Writing Center (include both those for class credit and those for pay):

6. Local Address:

7. Local Phone:

8. Email:

10. Home Address:

11. Please write a brief paragraph discussing what you have gained from being a writing center tutor:


12.  Please write a brief paragraph listing the kinds of community service or other service projects that you are involved with currently.

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