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COLT On Demand

A collection of videos from COLT, the Minnesota State System Office, and Other Sources.


Hybrid + Flexible = HyFlex 
July 25, 2020

  • Description:
    The new D2L page/content templates are now available for your use. With these templates, you can simply insert your content and the template will create an attractive and ADA-compliant page. There are templates for a variety of page types, e.g. module introductions, faculty bios, videos. The templates also include tips on best practices for the page type you’re creating. This is a win-win: it saves you time and improves the student experience.

Video demo of new camera technology in classrooms.

Microsoft Bookings
July 27, 2020

  • Description:
    Microsoft Bookings is an online books and appointment solution that is available in Office 365.  It simplifies scheduling and managing appointments.  Topics for this session include:
    • How to create and customize your Bookings page
    • How to create your Bookings services
    • How to publish and share your Bookings page


Minnesota State System Office

  • The SO has a large collection of recordings of their webinars, which include an ongoing series on using the tools available in D2L and on pedagogy, e.g. Humanizing Your Course, Culturally Responsive Teaching, Writing Good Questions for Assessments.  Recordings are typically added the same day as the live session, often in 2 - 3 hours.



Other Sources

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