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COLT: COVID-19 Update

March 20, 2020

COLT is in the process of developing resources to assist you in determining how to deliver your course for the rest of the semester. We will be doing frequent updates. This is a summary of the resources available to you as of today.

First: Many of you have asked for a recording of the session I did on Tuesday afternoon. I’m going to pretend this is a teachable moment... I’m afraid the recording didn’t make it. I was using a different computer and was a little flustered and... well, I interrupted the processing and lost it. Lesson: Remain Calm Here’s a great article on why that’s important: Why Do We Get Our Best Ideas in the Shower? (Answer: Science)

Today I’m working on an abridged video of that presentation. It will cover the resources available through the COLT website.

Zoom training:

The System Office has made an excellent video for faculty new to Zoom. The video is here:

I’ve met with a couple of faculty recently to practice Zoom. They played the Instructor role and I was the Participant. We were both in my office, so they could see both views. I think that was valuable, but we won’t have that option anymore.

Here’s my suggestion, then, for learning Zoom.

  • Watch the video
  • Enlist a colleague, a student, staff member, COLT member, even your children, to be the Participant. Then, practice.
  • For now... KEEP IT SIMPLE. It actually is a very simple and user-friendly, even a kind of fun, tool. There are lots of features available. But start by learning the basics, then use them (THE BASICS) with your practice Participant, then, on an as-needed basis, you can either explore the other tools or contact COLT for help.
  • There are other options for learning Zoom, as well, including videos on specific features. That information is on the COLT website, under Communication Modes.


  • COLT website:  (all lower-case)
    • Request Appointment button
    • Contact information
    • I’m not able to update the website—updates will be available through the other means described in this guide.
  • Email announcements
    • I try to use this sparingly to respect everyone’s email boxes, so I’ll use this for important updates. I’m going to use Teams for other communication (see below).
  • Microsoft/Office 365 Teams Conversations (chat)
    • COLT announcements and updates
      • New training resources
      • Other information as needed
    • I will send out a training video ASAP
  • Open/Drop-in help: COLT
  • Open/Drop-in help: System Office experts
  • Training on selected/requested tools or strategies
    • synchronous and/or asynchronous (I.e. Zoom and/or video)
    • Open to all or department-specific (contact COLT)
    • The System Office is also preparing a number of videos.
  • Training: potential topics
    • Zoom
    • Teams Conversation/chat
    • OneDrive
    • Pulse
    • D2L Templates
    • D2L checklist
    • Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor
  • It takes a village. I’m so impressed by the stories I’ve heard of faculty helping faculty. I’m pleased to say that, in addition to COLT, there are several faculty who have offered to provide help. My thanks to them. They are:
    • Heather Rickgarn: D2L, Zoom, Kaltura MediaSpace (for making videos)
    • LeAnne Syring: D2L, Zoom
    • Jos Ullian: Zoom, tools and strategies for making videos
    • Julie Walker: D2L, both the tool and the pedagogy

Finally, I’m going to be modeling the use of some of our resources so that you have a chance to use them yourself. You may want to use some of them with your students, e.g. Microsoft Teams.

Last Modified: 3/20/20 2:49 PM