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Hybrid Learning

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Hybrid Learning Option (Online & On-Campus)

What Is Hybrid Learning?

Hybrid learning combines the online learning and on-campus learning experiences. Hybrid programs utilize classroom environments and online technology. On-campus students are in the classroom with a professor and students engaging in verbal discourse and student-instructor communication. The online portion functions the same as online degrees. The courses are fully online, offering students access to the same things (syllabi, discussion, grades), and being on campus is not required for these courses.

*When registering for classes the delivery option is available for students to see which classes are online (Asynchronous) and which are on-campus. Please refer to the program listing to see which programs are fully online, blended, and which are available through learning communities.

How Will I Learn in the Classroom?

With hybrid learning, students will experience a classroom environment with a professor and other students and engage in discussions and projects together both in person and online. Blended students enjoy the duality of being on campus and off-campus in their learning experience. This delivery method offers in-class instruction and the opportunity to meet professors and students, while also providing flexibility and convenience through the online portion.

Is Hybrid Learning for Me?

Hybrid learning combines traditional in-class learning with online learning for convenience and flexibility. If you enjoy learning in a classroom with others and need flexibility with your schedule, hybrid learning may be the option for you. Unlike fully on-campus programs hybrid learning only requires students to be on-campus for certain classes. With the online learning portion, students will be required to utilize skills of self-motivation, organization, and time-management.

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