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Learning Community Delivery Option


What is a Learning Community?

A learning community is an off-campus graduate degree that offers Midwest educators the opportunity to pursue graduate study while building valuable professional relationships with fellow educators.

Learning communities study together for two academic years, meeting approximately twenty times, or ten weekends each year. Learning communities have been set up as close as Granite Falls and Willmar, Minnesota, and as far as Brainerd, MN; Rapid City, SD; and Mason City, IA.

Being in a learning community will require you to travel to the location of the LC you are a part of. When learning is not taking place during learning community meet ups, students work on their own. At each LC, meeting students are given the work they need to have done for the next time class meets. Learning communities do not attend traditional classes on a campus, although some may have opportunities to submit work online through D2L or have 1 weekend to do online work instead of travel to a learning community location for a physical meeting.

How Will I Learn with Learning Communities?

When meeting with fellow educators through the learning community students will have the opportunity to take part in collaborative study and research. Students will also learn about reflective teaching, take part in action based research projects, and work to be an active leader, all to provid a strong foundation for professional growth!

The other part of learning communities is done on your own, off-campus. This work is less structured than traditional classroom learning and online learning. Students in learning communities can have flexible schedules but must have time-management skills and motivation to complete work in a timely fashion.

Is a Learning Community for Me?

Learning communities offer a unique learning experience. If you are looking to pursue graduate study off-campus with added opportunities to meet fellow educators face-to-face, a learning community may be right for you? Remember, time-management, organization, and self-motivation are all necessary skills to have for learning community students. Also, keep in mind that learning communities require students to travel to a specific location ten weekends each academic year.


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