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Online Learning Delivery Option

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What is Online Learning?

SMSU utilizes D2L (Desire2Learn) which hosts online courses.. Through D2L online students can access their courses, view syllabi, assignments, tests, discussion forums, and grades. Through online learning, students are able to acquire a degree without being on campus.

How Will I Learn Through Online Delivery?

The D2L platform hosts SMSU’s online courses. The online platform allows students to complete work at times that are convenient to them. This means that students have flexibility with their schedules but also have due dates for assignments and discussions to keep them on track.

Professors at SMSU utilize a variety of tools for teaching. Many courses require online students to participate in a discussion where they respond to a prompt and then participate in written discourse with their classmates as they respond to their ideas and insights each week. Professors may also utilize blogs, video streaming through sites like Youtube, and others may use virtual learning environments like Moodle, Learn or Zoom. Each professor utilizes tools they find useful for students, but through online degree so students are never required to be on-campus or in a classroom. Learning online. On your time.

Is Online Learning for Me?

Online learning is an innovative way of continuing education in the 21st century that offers convenience and flexibility. Online learning requires skills of self-motivation, organization, and time-management.

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