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FAQ about a Learning Community

How do I apply?

In order to be admitted to the program, certain Admission Requirements must be met. Once you understand the requirements and are ready to join the program, you may begin the application process. By applying now you may qualify for some incentives.  Make sure to check it out!   Also, don't forget the required immunization record that must be completed by all students attending Post-Secondary Schools in Minnesota. You may apply to the program through an online application and submit it directly online, or print off the application, fill it out and send it to the SMSU School of Graduate Studies, 1501 State Street, Marshall, MN 56258.

What if I have credits I'd like to transfer into the program?

Please take the time to send an official transcript from the school you received your graduate credits. They do need to be within the last 5 years. Also, complete a transfer of credit form and submit it to the School of Graduate Studies.

How much is tuition and fees for a Learning Community?

The total cost of tuition and fees for students entering Fall 2017 for the entire two-year program was approximately $11,888 if students transfer in 6 semester graduate credits. The cost is approximately $2,547 higher without transfer credits.

Is financial aid available?

Financial aid is available to students who need it. You can find information on applying for financial aid at the SMSU Financial Aid website. You will need to submit the FAFSA form. If you are interested in receiving a grant, look over the TEACH Grant and Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program.

Whom should I contact if I have further questions?

The School of Graduate Studies is always happy to assist you with any questions you may have. You can reach the School of Graduate Studies by phone at: (507)537-6819. To contact a particular facilitator or staff member, see the faculty/staff page. The Graduate Directory lists people you may wish to contact during the application/registration process.

For more information, or to be placed on the prospective students' mailing list, please take the time to submit the request for information.

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