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Letter of Recommendation

Included in the criteria for admissions is two letters of recommendation.  There are often questions regarding the format of the letter.

Letters of recommendation provide information from a former employer or a credible associate who has been personally involved with the candidate. This outside source provides a valuable record of the candidate's previous experience and can testify to his or her skills and abilities. The letter should verify experience, confirm competence, build credibility, and bolster confidence.

It is important that the person providing the recommendation has a good understanding of your academic history, interests, goals, and direction. Academic letters of recommendation may contain evidence or confirmation of honors and awards, initiative, dedication, integrity, and performance.

As a rule, letters of recommendation are organized into three sections: an introduction, body, and closing statement.

Introduction -  The writer should introduce himself/herself as the recommender. The introduction should state your professional position, how you know the applicant, the length of your relationship, and any other pertinent information to build your credibility as a knowledgeable contributor.
* Provide an overview of your general impressions of the applicant.

Body - The paragraph(s) in the body should each talk about one exceptional quality of the applicant. Specific examples and situations should be used to show how each quality is observed.

Closing - The closing statement confirms that the applicant would be a desirable graduate student for SMSU, followed by a personal signature.

Express your level of confidence in the individual. Explain the extent to which you believe he or she is suited for program sought.

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