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Virtual Open House

Graduate Program Call-In Sessions

Mark your calendar!  We will be hosting a CALL-IN session or via Zoom from 4-6 PM on the following dates:                            

  • Wednesday, February 26
  • Monday, March 9
  • Wednesday, April 1
  • Monday, April 20
  • Monday, May 11
  • Wednesday, May 20                                                                           

Each program will have a designated timee to call-in where faculty will be able to answer your questions.  Once you fill out the RSVP form below, we will send you a link. 

WHY should YOU call-in:

  • Receive a free application waiver when you apply.
  • See what SMSU has to offer for master programs
  • Talk with current faculty teaching in the program. 

HOW do YOU sign up for a call: 

RSVP here

If you are not able to attend the call-in session or Zoom, but have three or more people in your district that are interested in earning their master's degree, we can arrange a special time to have a call in session or come visit you at your school.  Please feel free to contact to arrange a date and time.  

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