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About the Off Campus Graduate Education Program


Program Highlights

The Education Department offers the Master of Science (MS) Learning Community with a major in education and emphasis in Teaching, Learning, and Leadership. The National Board of Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) are embedded in the competencies of this program of study. Participants will build knowledge in subject matter, instructional practices, and the learning/teaching process. Participants will integrate current research into effective practices and develop the leadership capacities necessary to implement effective educational practices in local settings.

Off-Campus Course Schedule and the NBPTS Standards

Teaching, Learning, and Leadership: The Teaching, Learning, and Leadership emphasis is appropriate for licensed teachers, community or technical instructors, and individuals with bachelor’s degrees who wish to pursue graduate coursework in education. This emphasis provides educators with an in-depth understanding and practical application of teaching, learning, and leadership processes through research-based coursework.


The following regulations will govern students accepted into the SMSU Master of Science: Education Program.

  1. Students may transfer a maximum of (3) semester credits of previous graduate work from other accredited universities into the Teaching, Learning, and Leadership; Reading; and Sports Leadership emphasis or a maximum of (4) semester credits into the English emphasis. Graduate students interested in transfer credit should complete the Student Petition form.
  2. A minimum GPA of 3.0 will be maintained throughout the graduate program. “D” grades in graduate courses are not acceptable.
  3. Students have seven (7) years from the date of their first course registration to complete all requirements for the Master’s Degree.
  4. Students who do not complete the off-campus program during the two-year cycle may enroll at a later date with another learning community, subject to department and learning community facilitator approval.


The SMSU Professional Education Unit is a community of learners dedicated to the continuous development of quality practice, personal/professional growth, and leadership.


The mission of Professional Education at SMSU is to create a community of practice where each learner is an active participant in the development of learning, teaching, and leadership processes by engagement in inquiry, critical reflection, and study of educational theory, research, and practice in pursuit of excellence.

Faculty Publications:

  • Learning Communities: An Effective Model for a Masters of Education Program
  • Graduate Learning Communities: Transforming Educators
  • Getting Active in the Classroom
  • Do Teacher Attitudes Impact Literacy Strategy

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