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Course Schedule for Physical Education: Coaching of Sport

Courses Offered:

Tentative Schedule for New Cohort starting Fall semester:

Fall 1

PE 601 Philosophy and Ethics in Coaching (3 cr.)
PE 602 Research Foundation in Sport: Methods, Statistics and Analysis (3 cr.)

Spring 1

PE 603 Sports Skills, Tactics and Evaluation in Coaching (3 cr.)
PE 604 Educational Principles in Coaching (3 cr.)
PE 607 Advanced Practicum in Coaching I (2 cr.)  (Practicums can be taken any time after PE 602 is completed. SMSU graduate assistants must wait until the second fall to take PE 607) Prerequisite for PE 612

Summer 1

PE 609 Psychology of Athletic Performance (3 cr.)
PE 605 Physical Preparation and Conditioning (3 cr.)
PE 612 Advanced Practicum in Coaching II (2 cr.)
(taken any time after Practicum 1)

Fall 2

PE 608 Organization, Administration and Marketing of Sport (cr. 3)
PE 606 Sport Safety and Injury Prevention (3 cr.)

Spring 2

PE 610 Legal Aspects of Sport for Coaches (3 cr.)
PE 611 Portfolio Capstone (3 cr.)

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