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Portfolio Review Dates and Licensure Information

Special Education Licensure/Portfolio Review

Portfolio Review

If you have any questions regarding your Special Education Portfolio or the Licensure process, please contact your advisor.

Licensure Process

If you have any question, please contact Dr. Amy Christensen in the Placement & Licensure Office at or (507) 537-6212.


_____ a $62.70 Check written to Commissioner of MDE - Fee could increase please refer to MN Department of Education website for updated fee.

_____ SMSU Application For Teaching License

_____ Application for Minnesota Education License: Go to and click on the "Application to Add a Field to an Existing Minnesota License." Be sure conduct review statement is completed.

_____ Current Degree Audit Report (DARS). Check that all courses for licensure are taken or petitioned in. 

          _____ Showing MN Teacher Licensure Exams (MTLEs) are passed.

          _____ Showing all courses for licensure are graded.

_____ Copy of current Teaching License

_____ Practicum Application  and practicum assessments(two per licensure at different locations)

             (Include the PDF of the signed assessments emailed to you)

          1) Specific Disability Categories: Ages/Grades:________________________________________________


          2) Specific Disability Categories: Ages/Grades:________________________________________________


_____ Signed advising sheet

_____Signed  Portfolio Review Sheet or the Portfolio Certificate from the LiveText review completed by the faculty portfolio reviewer

Signature verifies the above items are completed.

Student:________________________________________________ Date: ___________

Advisor:________________________________________________ Date: ___________

Licensure Officer: _______________________________________ Date: ___________

For additional information, refer to the following:

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