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Welcome to the School of Graduate Studies at Southwest Minnesota State University! We are pleased that you have decided to pursue a graduate education with us. Now that you are here, you probably have many questions like, “Where do I park?”; “How do I obtain my student ID?” ; “How do I register for classes?” This online orientation attempts to answer these questions and more. This virtual orientation for new graduate students provides important information to help you navigate your graduate school career – don’t be surprised to find yourself referring back to this orientation again and again.

Each page of this orientation will cover a topic listed in the Table of Contents. When you have reached the bottom of a page, click on the NEXT button to take you to the next topic or PREVIOUS to go to the previous topic. At any time throughout the orientation, you can click on Table of Contents to jump to a different topic.

The School of Graduate Studies is located in Room 129 in  the Charter Hall Building. Feel free to visit us anytime you need our assistance.

This concludes the Introduction section. Click on the NEXT button to continue the Graduate Student Orientation.

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