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Registering for Classes

SMSU students may register on-line through E-services, under Menu on the SMSU homepage. This web site allows you to register, add, drop, or withdraw a class, look up your students ID number, check your grades, Change your address, pay tuition, and check your financial aid awards.

The following is a step-by-step guide to registering for classes using the on-line registration system. You may want to print this page to refer to during your registration.

PATHWAY: – Menu and scroll down to E-Services.  You will need your Star ID to register for classes. 

Registering for Classes:

  1. Click on courses & registration
  2. Click on find a course
  3. Choose a semester
  4. Choose a subject
  5. Click “Search for a Course” button
  6. Click “Add" (black circle with "+" sign)
  7. Check all the classes you would like to register for
  8. Click “Register for Checked Courses” button
  9. Click on “Register for these Courses”
  10. To view your complete schedule, click on view/modify class schedule.
  11. If you ever wish to drop or withdraw from a class, view class schedule and click on the specific class you want to drop. The select drop/withdrawn and click process.
 Common Registration Problems

There are many possible reasons for being unable to enroll in a class. Some of the most common reasons are listed below, along with the error message given and possible solutions to the problem.

The course is closed. (error message: 13 Requested course is full)

  • The number of people the course was originally created to hold are enrolled, so there are no seats left. You would need to contact the instructor to see if they will allow you to register for the class even though it is full.

The course requires special permission from the instructor. (error message: 12 Course requires special permission)

  • Some courses are set up so that the instructor can monitor exactly who enrolls in the class. These courses require special permission from the instructor in order to enroll. You would need to contact the instructor to see whether they will make it possible for you to register.

Your are not fully admitted to the University. (error message: 21 Admission Status required for this course)

  • Graduate students should contact the Graduate Office at 507-537-6819

The course requires prerequisites or tests. (error message: 58 Student must take/pass test or satisfy course pre-reqs)

  • Some departments have courses for which you cannot register unless you have completed other courses or have completed and passed various tests.
  • You would need to contact the department responsible for the course to see whether they will lift the prerequisite/test requirement, making it possible for you to register.

You have a hold preventing registration. (error message: 6 Student on hold)

  • You would need to contact the office responsible for the hold to see whether they will lift the hold, making it possible for you to register.
  • Various holds include:
    • 01 Academic Probation (contact the student relations coordinator for your college or the Office of First Year Experience, if you have not declared a major)
    • 02 Academic Suspension (contact the Office of Academic Affairs)
    •  05 Immunization (contact the Office of Admissions or Business Services)
    • 031 Unpaid Balance (check your account status online, where you also have the option of paying these balances) 
    • 032 Admissions Office (contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions)
    • 033 International Insurance (contact the International Student Office)
    • 036 Graduate Office (contact the Graduate Office)

You cannot enroll in more credits. (error message: 26 Exceeds maximum credits allowed for this course)

  • The maximum number of credits students may be enrolled in for Fall, Spring, or Summer terms, is governed by the following:
    • Graduate Students
      •  Maximum of 12 credits without any permission
      •  13 or more credits with overload permission of your major advisor and the Graduate Dean

If at any time you have difficulty registering, or need assistance, please call the Graduate Office (8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday) at 507-537-6819 or click on the “Contact Us” link on the bottom left corner of the E-service pages.

This concludes the section of Registration. Click on the NEXT button to continue the Graduate Student Orientation.

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